Introducing: Brandon Woyshnis

Introducing: Brandon Woyshnis

December 09, 2019

Legendary Car Canvases was created to bring you images by the world's best photographers of legendary cars — images at an approachable price that you’ll be proud to hang on your wall. Cheaper and more robust than framed prints, all images are printed on the highest quality handmade canvases using eco-friendly, latex-free inks. 

If you're into modern classics and exotics, especially modified ones, chances are you've seen Woyshnis Media's content on the web or in a magazine. Throughout high school, Brandon (www.woyshnis.comIG: was always into cars, and had work done on his project car. Out of excitement, he stole his mom's $100 DSLR and found an abandoned building in town so he could take pictures of his sick new hoopty.

He started taking more and more photos and his other car friends eventually joined him. He found a lot of joy in his new hobby and started bringing that little camera to all the local meets to hone his craft. He was shooting nearly everyday and learned new tricks with every shoot when he then started his degree from Youtube and Google University, studying photography 24/7 on the interwebs. Eventually people started to offer him money to shoot their cars and the rest is history! Here's a little more about Brandon in his own words. 

What’s your favorite car?

Choosing a single favorite car is really tough but if I had to choose, it would probably be the McLaren F1. Just an epic car on so many fronts.  

What’s your most treasured car experience?

My most treasured car experience is when I got to shoot @cartelfunds newly twin-turboed Lamborghini Huracan for the first time. So much hood rat shit. 

What’s your favorite shoot you’ve done?

Favorite shoot would probably have to be shooting with Danny P’s GT3 458. The car looks insane and it photographs so well.
What’s your favorite car photography experience?
My favorite car photography experience was doing my first booth at Stancewars. There were so many fans coming to say what’s up and give love, plus I got to have my Subaru Legacy wagon on the top floor! 

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