Daniel Piker

Daniel Piker (, IG: @pikerphoto) is located in Seattle, Washington. An avid car enthusiast, mechanic, and stage rally co-driver, he loves all things automotive and currently works at DirtFish.

He first picked up a DSLR during the Winter of 2015 and growing up in the Pacific Northwest, he developed a strong passion for the natural beauty of the area. He started off shooting landscapes and portraits, but it wasn’t long before he dipped his toes into the automotive world, combining both of his passions! 

Brandon Woyshnis

Throughout high school, Brandon (, IG: was always into cars, and had just had his current car repainted and lowered on some new wheels. Out of excitement, he stole his mom's $100 DSLR and found an abandoned building in town and took pictures of his sick new hoopty. He started taking more and more photos, and his other car friends eventually joined him.

He found a lot of joy in his new hobby and started bringing that little camera to all the local meets and practiced on those cars. He was shooting nearly everyday and learned new tricks with every shoot. He then started his degree from Youtube and Google University, studying photography 24/7 on the interwebs. Eventually people started to offer him money to shoot their cars. Money??? To do something he loves??? He was hooked! Brandon is also an accomplished videographer with some fantastic content on YouTube.

Justin Fitch

IG: @justinfitchphoto

Kirk Myhre

Kirk (myhrecreative.comIG: @kirkmyhregrew up immersed in car culture.  He spent his formative years in friends’ garages and race shops learning as much as he could about all aspects of mechanics, engineering and the forms that help it all work together.  His favorite memories are of traveling with the teams to the track and occasionally, getting behind the wheel.

He carried his automotive passion with him to college with intentions of an automotive design future.  Practical realities guided him to a traditional fine art degree with specialization in dimensional oils and wood/steel sculpture. He transitioned his learnings to a three-decade, multi-faceted design career. 

It was 30 years before Kirk got back into a race car. Competing in endurance events from 6 to 24 hours, with mandatory time out of the car, enables him to experience events from behind the wheel and behind the camera lens. He strives to capture the motion, weight and intensity of his subjects as the exclusive photographer for two of the west coast’s premier high-performance driving experiences.  He also covers motor racing from amateur to the highest levels of the sport.

Derek Tam-Scott

It’s not an exaggeration to say cars run in Derek's (IG: @dtamscott) blood. Derek’s parents met when his mother inquired about a 1971 Porsche 911 his father was selling. He grew up around cars and at age 16, Derek started working in the automotive industry. Having worked with classic and collector cars for over 20 years at both Fantasy Junction and Issimi, he's been lucky enough to be exposed to and to photograph legendary cars most of us can only dream of being around. You can also catch him and Jason Cammisa as the hosts of our favorite automotive podcast, The Carmudgeon Show

Naveed Yousufzai

Naveed is a photographer/writer based in the San Francisco Bay Area, and works with many automotive media outlets including Petrolicious and SpeedHuntersChoosing a favorite car for Naveed is pretty difficult because he genuinely appreciates anything and everything that has to do with motion, from trains, to planes, to cars and motorcycles alike. If he had to choose one car, it would be the Ferrari F40, which is also his favorite car that he's shot—specifically Amir Rosenbaum's Hill Climb F40 that he shot SpeedHunters
His favorite experiences related to cars can't be narrowed down to just one event. He thoroughly enjoy all aspects of the industry, from shows, to races, drives, rallies, and so forth. He's definitely more of a driver though, so anything that has to do with pushing a car to its limits and experiencing what it was engineered to do, is what gets him most excited. If it's a vintage, that really gets his motor revving. The same applies to photography experiences. I love covering events that have to do with racing, especially vintage/period races such as Sonoma Speed Festival and Rolex Reunion.